Wednesday, March 12, 2008

ID bracelets help old, young in emergencies

Many of us care for our parents or an elderly neighbor or perhaps a young adult with special needs. These people may depend upon us to varying degrees throughout their life, but most people cherish their independence and privacy and we can't always be there when we are needed.

If this sounds familiar we would encourage you to provide these people with a small gift that could save their life. Consider buying an identification bracelet or a medical bracelet based on the need of the individual. These bracelets can be purchased at most pharmacies and typically cost $5.

It isn't unusual for us to locate an elderly person driving in Ankeny and learn they are lost and later learn they suffer from Alzheimer's or a diminished level of recall. In some instances these people have been found hundreds of miles from home. They may forget to carry their license and it is difficult to reunite them with family. An identification bracelet with a name, address and phone number would help us to reunite a lost person with their family.

Some of you may recall a time when our mothers would stitch our name in our clothing because it would help us find it after we left the clothes in a most inconvenient place. It isn't a bad idea to write your child's first name on the inside pocket of their clothes with an indelible marker, particularly if you have a youngster who is an adventurer and can wander from home. Children can panic and forget their names and they certainly won't remember where they live once they are lost. The good news is that these children are typically reunited quickly with a frantic parent but it does help when police can calm a child by calling him by his first name until mom or dad arrives.

If you have any questions about identification bracelets, contact Lt. Arnie Porath at 965-6440.

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