Friday, March 14, 2008

The Timeless And Classic Cubetto Bracelet

There are, of course, many types of fine jewelry however one of the most popular is the ever famous Cubetto bracelet. Cubetto jewelry is one of a kind and it is very distinguishable from other types of bracelets. The Cubetto bracelet will be noticed for the way which it is crafted. Whether gold, silver or both, the Cubetto bracelet will be made with thin bars that are flush against one another. There are countless variations and one should know some key elements regarding gold and silver when thinking about a purchase.

Yellow Gold Cubetto Bracelet

If you have ever heard of a Cubetto bracelet and are wondering exactly what this is, Cubetto jewelry is a type that is crafted by having very thin bars precious metal flush again one another, forming either a necklace or bracelet. The gold or silver is then sometimes cut with designs to create different variations. There are many looks to the Cubetto bracelet.

Most Cubetto bracelets will be found in either gold or silver. Whenever purchasing a Cubetto bracelet or other piece of fine jewelry, you may wish to know a bit about gold, silver or both. Most of you are probably familiar with the fact that gold is sold in the forms of karats. Karats may be referred to as the weight of the gold; in fact the karats are going to be referring to how much pure gold was used in making the piece of jewelry.

Pure gold, with absolutely no metals added to it is called 24 karat gold. One element to know about 24 karat gold is that it is rather soft. Diamonds are the hardest jewelry material, not gold! Therefore, 24 karat gold, although very moldable is not always best for using for certain jewelry. For this reason, many a Cubetto bracelet or other type of jewelry will be made with 18 karat gold. The reason for this is that 18 karat gold is mixed with another metal to make it stronger and sturdier. With 18 karats, the gold in the Cubetto bracelet or other piece will be seventy five percent gold; this is considered a very good and valuable piece of gold. As you go down the list of other karats, the lower the number the less pure gold is in the piece. Even 14 karat gold is considered a good gold. Less than 14 karats is rarely desired; although some do choose to buy it. Do keep in mind that if there is a piece of jewelry with a high quantity of other metals, some people will have a skin reaction to those other metals. For example, a piece of 12 karat jewelry will have a fairly high percentage of another metal and it is that other metal that can turn the skin a darker color where the piece of jewelry sits.

Sterling Silver Cubetto Bracelet

You can find a Cubetto bracelet in many different styles. Silver is a precious metal and is very popular and classic. Silver has been used in jewelry making since the ancient societies that focused on the art of jewelry crafting. Silver in its pure and natural form is extremely soft; even softer than gold. It is for that reason that any piece of silver jewelry will be made of silver and one or more metals that are blended into the pure silver to make it strong enough to be formed into a piece of jewelry. The other metals do not take away any of the shiny qualities of the silver; in fact in most cases, the metals added will only lend more shine to the silver.

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