Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Beaderz Handmade Bracelets & Necklaces

Beaderz handmade jewelry was created out of the need for unique handmade beaded jewelry that does not look like what everyone else is wearing. Beaderz encompasses much more than standard jewelry designs, with ornaments, handbags, and one of a kind designer decorative beaded pieces.

If the massive beaded pieces of the jewelry collection do not suit your tastes and you cannot find the one perfect piece you are looking for, then the designers at Beaderz can make custom made pieces upon request. On top of custom made pieces being available to customers, an option that some handmade jewelers do not even offer to their customers, Beaderz creates their pieces quickly, so that a customer can have their custom made piece in as little as one to three days. This is very convenient, just one of the many conveniences and one of the examples of the great customer care Beaderz offers! Beaderz also offers gift certificates, gift wrapping, and wholesaling.

Red Beaded Lanyard

Beaderz offers some of the most affordable pricing in the handmade jewelry industry. Beaderz offers jewelry for every occasion and every style, catering to every age range and personality. The creators at Beaderz are an unusual group, which may be what sets this jewelry making conglomerate apart from other handmade jewelry retailers.

Green Beaded Lanyard

The main creator, Tania Steinbruegge, began the business in 2000 when she realized she was spending a lot of money on her hobby and wanted a way to make it more affordable. Her business is still a home based business today, where she handcrafts each piece. She has other people who are fellow “beaderz” and their pieces are also offered through the website on consignment.

Tania developed a standard of craftsmanship and for any of the pieces to be sold though the site, they must adhere to these guidelines. There are only a few other people besides herself who offer pieces on the site for sale at a given time. If Tania does not make it herself, then she inspects it personally to make sure it meets her quality standards before it ever reaches a customer.

Handmade Beaded Lanyard

Some examples of the typical items offered by Beaderz on their site includes small bags, purses, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, pins, and anklets. Some unusual and hard to find handmade items that Beaderz offers includes eyeglass cases, lanyards and ID holders, hair jewelry, watches, zipper pulls, and a bunch of other rare one of a kind pieces simply grouped under “unique beadwork” on the website. In addition to all these unusual offerings, Beaderz even offers complete sets of jewelry.

The pricing is extremely reasonable and well below what one would expect to find. Competitors’ sites, for example, on bracelet prices alone are markedly higher and do not offer near the variety. Bracelets are reasonably priced from the simply styled at around six dollars all the way to the ornate and delicate at slightly over twenty. Comparable buys from competitors are more than twice as much in most cases.

Custom Beaded Lanyard

Beaderz is worth a look, if not for the unique offerings and prices then perhaps for the selection and variety. Beaderz has a lot to offer!

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