Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Patron Saint Jewelry - A Brief Overview

Patron saint jewelry is a group of medals that have the image of a particular saint stamped or drawn into them. This type of jewelry is popular with Catholics who wear them to invoke the protection or blessing of the saint inscribed on the metal. For example, Saint Christopher is a popular saint who watches over travelers. Many Catholics wear a Saint Christopher medal to ensure safe passage whenever they take a trip even if it is to the grocery store on the corner. They are also a popular way for the faithful to express their love and belief in God.
Patron Saint Medals
According to archeological evidence, saint medallions have been worn since the early times of Christianity. Many historians believe that the wearing of patron saint jewelry was influenced by the surround pagan religions whose members often wore talismans with the image of their gods on them for protection. The church adopted this practice and substituted the saints in the place of the pagan gods. Today, there are over 10,000 saints that have been inducted into the Catholic religion. However, there are only a few hundred that people call upon with any regularity. Some of the most popular saints include Saint Christopher, Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Patrick, and Saint Helena.

Patron saint jewelry is made from a variety of materials including gold, platinum, bronze, and silver. The most common type of medallion has the image of the saint stamped into it. There are other medallions made from enamel or pearl that has the saint’s image painted into it which makes them look like miniature works of art. Although these medallions are mostly for those who are Catholic, many non-Catholics and non-religious buy them as well. The medals are actually considered collectables items and the older a medallion is the higher its monetary value.

You can buy medals for your own personal use or to give away as a gift. In either case, each saint watches over a select group of people. Therefore, if you are not familiar with what area of life each saint is in charge of, then it is best to do some research on the internet to educate yourself before you make your first purchase. This will prevent you from wasting money on patron saint jewelry you do not want. Patron jewelry can be found in religious stores as well as at online retailers. There are also wholesalers who specialize in providing the medals for resale.

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