Monday, December 23, 2013

Stylish Medical Jewelry Bracelets, Charms and Pendants

Medical jewelry does many jobs. Not only is it pretty, it can provide information to save someone’s life. Medical alert jewelry is a good way to carry information along that will give emergency workers vital information in case of a sudden accident or illness. People with a variety of medical conditions need to wear some form of medical alert jewelry. These conditions include autism, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, asthma, anaphylactic allergies, heart patients, and those with severe drug allergies.

Stylish Medical Jewelry Bracelets
Medical jewelry doesn’t just serve a function though. They can be decorative as well. The pieces in our collection come in yellow gold and sterling silver. We offer pendants and bracelets. There are also plates you can customize and add to any piece you already have in your collection. If you have a serious medical condition, you can find the right piece for your own use or that of a loved one.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Personalized Bracelets by Sorella Jewelry Studio

Sorella Jewelry Studio specializes in personalizing jewelry for special occasions and special people. Their designs can be customized to reflect a special event, or honor a special person. Customers choose from the jewelry designs offered and then the pieces are manufactured according to the specifications of the buyer.

Personalized Bracelets by Sorella Jewelry Studio

Dates, names, initials, and favorite gemstones can all be customized in these jewelry pieces. Rings, pendants, bracelets, charms, and necklaces can be personalized with not only names and dates, but messages. These can be in Hebrew, Chinese symbols, Roman numerals, and astrology symbols. Each piece is unique because of the personalization that is nearly standard for every piece of jewelry at Sorella.

Roman Numeral Cuff Bracelet by Sorella Jewelry

Two sisters founded this small company with family at the heart of it. Their Michigan studio is dedicated to making jewelry personal and special. These sisters know the love of family and the importance of making them feel special and appreciated. Each piece of jewelry from Sorella is crafted on demand by skilled craftsmen.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saint Paul Medals Are Misleading

What do we know about saints? It is possible that we know very little about saints. Football fans might be familiar with the New Orleans Saints because they won the Super Bowl last year. Minor league baseball fans might be familiar with the Saint Paul Saints. However, the Saint Paul Saints aren’t religious. They are a baseball team that plays in Saint Paul Minnesota. It seems as if Saint Paul medals should depict buildings located in Saint Paul Minnesota. This is because Saint Paul Minnesota is a nice city. In addition, since there is a city with the name of Saint Paul, Saint Paul medals are misleading. Moreover, it seems as if Saint Paul had more than one name. Let’s discuss Saint Paul, the person.

Saint Paul Medals

It has been claimed that Saint Paul was called three other names. These three other names are Paul the Apostle, Apostle Paul, and Paul of Tarsus. It might surprise some people to know that Saint Paul was Jewish. However, he called himself the Apostle to the Gentiles. It is possible that this action didn’t sit well with the Jewish community. It may come as no surprise that Saint Paul’s conversion to Christianity from Judaism dramatically changed the course of his life. His actions and his writings eventually changed both his religious beliefs and his philosophy.

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