Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saint Paul Medals Are Misleading

What do we know about saints? It is possible that we know very little about saints. Football fans might be familiar with the New Orleans Saints because they won the Super Bowl last year. Minor league baseball fans might be familiar with the Saint Paul Saints. However, the Saint Paul Saints aren’t religious. They are a baseball team that plays in Saint Paul Minnesota. It seems as if Saint Paul medals should depict buildings located in Saint Paul Minnesota. This is because Saint Paul Minnesota is a nice city. In addition, since there is a city with the name of Saint Paul, Saint Paul medals are misleading. Moreover, it seems as if Saint Paul had more than one name. Let’s discuss Saint Paul, the person.

Saint Paul Medals

It has been claimed that Saint Paul was called three other names. These three other names are Paul the Apostle, Apostle Paul, and Paul of Tarsus. It might surprise some people to know that Saint Paul was Jewish. However, he called himself the Apostle to the Gentiles. It is possible that this action didn’t sit well with the Jewish community. It may come as no surprise that Saint Paul’s conversion to Christianity from Judaism dramatically changed the course of his life. His actions and his writings eventually changed both his religious beliefs and his philosophy.

He lived in the Mediterranean basin. Moreover, did you know that his leadership, influence, and legacy led to the formation of communities dominated by Christian groups? These Christian groups followed the Judaic moral code. However, it relaxed or abandoned all together, the ritual obligations of the Mosaic Law. These Christian groups preferred to live their lives based on the life and works of Jesus Christ and the New Covenant. It seems that because Saint Paul was originally Jewish before converting to Christianity Saint Paul medals are misleading.

It might be interesting to know that Paul shares his original Hebrew name, which was Saul with the Biblical King Saul, who was a fellow Benjaminite, and the first king of Israel. In addition, it is believed that Paul wrote all of his letters by hand. However, scholars believe that he dictated his letters via a secretary. It could be the case that Secretaries Day stated in Saint Paul’s time. It could also be the case that Saint Paul’s letter writing would have gone smoother if he used a computer. It is too bad that computers weren’t around during Saint Paul’s time.

However, people might not want to feel sorry for him. This is because he admitted that he had violently persecuted the church of God before his conversion to Christianity. It sounds as if Saint Paul did a disservice to Judaism. This is because he was well respected by everyone and he was advancing in stature within Jerusalem’s Jerusalem Temple leadership before he found Jesus Christ. This information about Saint Paul could lead people to think that Saint Paul Medals are misleading. This is because Saint Paul seems like a traitor, rather than a saint.

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